Predetermination Report - Predetermination Write-Offs

The Predetermination Write-Offs Report displays all posted predetermination write-offs.

Predetermination Write-Offs - Filters

  • Providers: Filters the report by the patient provider associated to the predetermination.
  • Offices: Filters the report by the office provider associated to the predetermination.
  • Insurances: Filters the report by the Insurance associated to the predetermination.
  • Write-Off Posted Start/End Date: Filters the report by the date range in which the write-off predetermination was posted.
Predetermination Write-Offs - Results

The report provides results in the following columns:
  • Patient Last, First: The first column displays the patients name (last name, first name).
  • Insurance Company: The next column displays the name of each insurance company.
  • Procedure: This column provides the procedure code.
  • Posted Date: The Posted Date column shows the date the write-off was posted to the ledger.
  • Write-Off Amount: Finally, this column, provides the amount of the write-off for the specified predetermination.
The bottom of the report provides a row totaling the patients and write-off amount.
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