Monthly Report - Posted Date By Month

The Posted Date By Month report displays an overview of financial activity for a selected period of months.

It is similar to the Summary view of the Posted Date Day Sheet, but grouped by month, as opposed to by day.

Posted Date by Month - Filters
You can filter the report by provider and office and date.

For production, the Provider/Office pulls from the information listed in the New Charge window. For tax, it is based on the provider in the Charge window for which tax is charged. For positive adjustments, the provider and office information pulls from the Provider/Office listed on the charge associated with the positive adjustment.

For deposits, negative adjustments and refunds, the Provider/Office pulls from on the Provider/Office listed in the Payment (or negative adjustment) window.

For finance charges, the Provider/Office pulls from the provider listed in the patient's Account tab; however, the provider and office may be overridden by editing the finance charge directly on the patient's Account Ledger. 

You can use the Showing Posted Date From menu to choose what time period the report will use to pull data.

  • This Year: When you select This Year, the report will display data from the current year (starting in January), or from the year entered in the Year field.
  • Last 12 Month: This option will cause the report to display data from the last 12 months, or from the year entered in the Year field.
  • All Since Practice: Select this option view all data since you started using MacPractice, or from the year entered in the Year field.
You can check the Print-Friendly Version checkbox to omit links from the report.
Click Apply to view your results.

Posted Date By Month - Results
Once you click Apply you will see your financial activity, broken down by month.

The Month-Year column indicates what time period the row's data is from. Click the link to view Posted Date Day Sheet summaries for the selected month.

Production is the amount of charges entered during the month. Click the link to view the Production by Month report for the selected month.

The Tax column displays the amount of tax charged on procedures during the month. This should match the Tax number on the Production by Month report.

The Adj (+) column displays Positive Adjustments posted during the month.

Refund includes Refunds and Reversed Payments posted during the selected month.

The Finance Charge column displays Finance Charges created in the selected month.

Write-Offs displays write-offs from insurance payments posted during the month.

The Unapplied column displays the amount of payments posted during the month that remain unapplied. Click the link to view the Unapplied (Credit) Balance report for the month.

The Deposit column displays all payments posted during the month. Click the link to see the Gross Receipts Report for the month.

The Gross Neg Adjustment column displays negative adjustments posted during the month.

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