Marketing Report - Persons by Employer

The Persons By Employer report lists the Employer records in your database, and the number of Primary or Secondary records associated to that employer.

Persons by Employer - Filters

The Persons by Employer report can be filtered by Provider and Office. This report filters based on the Provider/Office listed in the Account tab. You can use the Filter Employers list to filter the report to show only records associated with a selected employer or employers. Click Apply to see your results.

Persons by Employer - Results


The initial view of the report will display the Employer Name, their Address and Phone number for selected employers. This information is pulled from the Employer reference. The final column displays the # of Persons (people listed in the Primary or Secondary tab of an account) associated to that employer.

Click the triangle to the left of any employer record to see more detailed information about the associated records.


You will see the name, age and sex of the person listed in the first column, followed by their Address and Phone number (this will pull the first phone number listed in the Primary or Secondary tab). The insurance Carrier information is also listed. Finally, the 2 character ID of the Office/Provider listed in the Account tab will be displayed.

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