Management Report - Security Alerts

This report is designed to show details related to security alerts for items such as failed logins, failed backups and the use of the Emergency Login feature.

This report can be filtered by User, Error Type and Start and End date.

The results from the Security Alerts Report are displayed in the following columns:

  • Date: The first column provides the date the security alert(s) occurred.
  • Number of Alerts: The next column displays the number of alerts for the designated date.
  • Day Index: The Day Index shows an internal reference number for the day the security alert(s) occurred.
  • Verification Failed on: The next column displays which table verification had failed on in the database.
  • Rows Missing: Finally, this column indicates if there are rows missing from the database.
To view additional details for a specific date, twist down by clicking the triangle to the left of the date. You may also choose to use the Expand All checkbox to view details for all dates.
Each record will display additional information in the following columns:
  • Alert Type: The first column displays the classification of the alert.
  • Users to Notify: The next column shows how many users were notified of the security alert.
  • Created: The final column provides the date the security alert was created.
You may also twist down one level further to reveal more information as displayed in these columns:
  • User: This column shows which user was notified of the security alert.
  • Notified On: This column displays the time and date when the user specified was notified of the security alert.
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