Management Report - Printed Encounter Forms

This report is designed to provide details for printed Encounter Forms.

Like many other reports, the Printed Encounter Forms Report can be filtered by Provider, Office and Start and End Date.

Additionally, you have the option to Include Archived Records. Selecting this checkbox will also include Encounter Forms that have been archived via Encounter Tracker within the Managers ability.

Details for this report are provided in the following columns:

  • Patient Last, First: The first column provides the patient's name (last name, first name).
  • Associated Appointment: The next column displays the date and time of the appointment associated to the encounter form, if applicable.
  • Time Printed: The Time Printed column shows the date and time the encounter form was printed.
  • Time Received: This column provides the time and date an encounter form was marked as received via the encounter tracker.
  • Notes: The Notes column displays any notes added to an encounter form via encounter tracker.
  • Status: Finally, the Status column shows if the care slip was printed or marked as received in the encounter tracker.
    If a care slip has been marked as Archived, that care slip will be present with a status of Archived. Clicking this will allow you to unarchive the care slip.
The bottom of the report also displays the number of patients in the list.
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