Management Report - Patients Archived

The Patients Archived Report is designed to display details about patients who have been archived, including details about the archival, such as time, date, user and IP address.

This report, like many others, can be filtered by Provider, Office and Start and End Dates.

The report displays the results in the following columns:

  • Patient #: This column provides the patient ID as displayed in the Patients ability.
  • Patient Last, First: The next column shows the patient's name (last name, first name).
  • New Patient Date: The New Patient Date column displays the new patient date, as entered in the Patient tab in the Patient ability.
  • Phone Number: This column lists the patient's first phone number.
  • Office/Provider: The next column displays the office and provider, as set in the Patient tab. If one or both of these options is set to none in the patient tab, the office and provider will be pulled from the options selected in the Account tab.
  • Archived By User: The Archived By User column provides the first and last name of the user who archived the selected patient's account.
  • Archived Time: This column details the specific time and date that the user archived the patient account.
  • Archived From Machine: Finally, the Archived From Machine provides the IP address of the computer used to archive the patient.
The bottom of the report provides a total number of patients archived.
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