Management Report - History

The History Report is designed to provide detailed information about actions that have been completed within your database for a specified time frame.

Please be aware that this report is intended for diagnostic purposes only. It does not show exactly what was changed in your database, but that something was changed at a particular time, by a particular user.

The report can be filtered on several criteria, detailed below:


  • Filter Actions: This filter will provide results for specified actions completed in the database.
  • Filter Users: Filtering by users will display all actions performed by the selected user(s). Any User who have actions will appear, even if they are archived.
  • Filter IPs: Filter IPs allows you to search all actions for all users by a specific IP address. The IP addresses available for filtering are determined by all IPs that have ever been used to connect to your MacPractice database.
  • Filter Tables: This filter will display results for actions performed related to selected tables in your database.
You can also filter by Start and End date.
NOTE: This report may take an extended amount of time to yield results based on your filter criteria. It is recommended to narrow your search results, particularly a Start and End date, if possible.

The report is divided into two sections: History by Day and History Detail. 
History by Day will provide details in two columns:
  • Total: This column provides the total number of actions completed for the selected date.
  • Date: The Date column displays the date of actions.
History Detail makes up a bulk of the report and provides details in the following columns:
  • User: The first column displays the user ID that had performed the action in the specified line item.
  • Action: The next column shows what type of action was completed. This can include actions such as accessing, deleting or updating data, printing or logging in/out.
  • Table: The Table column provides the table that was modified in the MacPractice database.
  • Row: The Row column displays the row that was modified in the MacPractice database.
  • Date: This column shows the date that the specified action occurred.
  • Time: The next column displays the time that the action occurred.
  • IP: The IP column provides the IP address of the computer used to complete the performed action.
  • Patient: This column shows the name (last name, first name) of the patient related to the completed action.
  • Patient Reference #: The next column displays the internal database reference number for the patient.
  • History ID: The History ID column provides a reference number for each action, arranged in descending order.
  • Description: Finally, the Description column provides a brief summary of the action completed.

You may observe a red or yellow border around particular rows.

Red rows indicate that there is a discrepancy of some kind in the database. We recommend contacting MacPractice Support in these cases.

Yellow rows indicate that there is a gap in the history report's index. This can occur when having to roll back to a prior database, where there is now a gap of activity.

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