Insurance Report - Prior Authorization

The Prior Auth. Report lists all Prior Authorizations listed in the Prior Auth. tab of patient Ledgers.

Prior Auth. Report - Filter

  • Providers: Filters the report based on the provider listed on the Patient tab.
  • Offices: Filters the report based on the office listed on the Patient tab.
  • Expiration Start/End Date: Filters the report by date range based on the Prior Authorization's expiration.
  • Only Patients Without Remaining Visits: Filters the report to display only patients who have no remaining visits.
Prior Auth. Report - Results
  • Patient #: The Patient number of the Prior Authorization patient.
  • Patient Last, First: The last and first name of the Prior Authorization patient.
  • Incident: The Incident with which the patient's Prior Authorization has been associated.
  • Prior Auth No.: The Prior Authorization Notation or number listed in the Incident, within the Prior Auth tab.
  • Total Visits: The total visits allowed by the Prior Authorization.
  • Remaining Visits: The total remaining visits allowed be the Prior Authorization.
  • Expire Date: The date on which the Prior Authorization will expire.
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