Insurance Report - Insurance Claims Outstanding

The Insurance Claims Outstanding Report does exactly what it says it will do and shows all of the outstanding insurance claims that are currently open in MacPractice.

This documentation contains the following sections:


  • Providers: Filters the report based on the provider listed on the Insurance claim.
  • Offices: Filters the report based on the office listed on the Insurance claim.
  • Insurances: Filters the report based on specific Insurances as listed in the Insurance Companies Reference.
  • Date Claim Created/Date of Service drop down: Determines whether the start or end date fields filter by Claim Creation Date or the Date of Service.
  • Start/End Date: Filters the report based on a date range set and the Claim Creation Date or Date of Service, whichever is selected in the drop down above.
  • Claims to Include: Allows the selection of Both, Electronic, or Paper claims.
  • Plan Types: Filters results based on the Plan Type within the Insurance Reference.
  • Timely Filing Status: This filter limits results based on the Timely Filing Status of the claim. This is in relation to the Timely Filing Limit of the insurance for which this claim was generated. You can choose "All Statuses", "Approaching and Past Timely Filing", "Approaching Timely Filing", and "Past Timely Filing". You can read more about Timely Filing here.
  • Patient #: The Patient number for the patient for which the claim was made.
  • Patient Last, First: The first and last name of the patient for which the claim was made.
  • Birthday: The birthdate of the patient for which the claim was made.
  • Subscriber: The subscriber number listed for the patient for which the claim was made.
  • Pr/Of: The User ID and Office ID of the Provider and the Office, respectively. The User ID and Office ID can be found for a User and Office in the Users Reference and the Offices Reference.
  • Insurance Company: The Insurance Company to which the claim was sent.
  • Plan Type: The Plan Type listed within the Insurance Company for which the claim was made.
  • Total Amount: The Total Amount of the claim made.
  • Date Updated: The most recent date in which the claim was updated.
  • First Proc Date: The first procedure date listed on the claim.
  • Days Past Claim Created: The number of days which have passed since the claim was created.
  • Days Until Overdue: The number of days until the claim reaches the overdue threshold.
  • Type: The Type of claim (Paper or Electronic).
  • Timely Filing Limit: The Timely Filing limit of the claim.
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