Daily Report - Daily Activity

The Daily Activity report gives an overview of all ledger actions performed in your database for a given date.

This documentation contains the following sections:

Enter the date in the Action Timestamp Date field. The report can only be run for a single day at a time. When you click Run Report, you will see a list of ledger activities from the selected date. Select an action's line item to see more information about that action. The detail will be listed below the list of activities. The information shown will depend on whether you have the Daily A/R or Action Detail radio button selected next to the date field.


Daily A/R
If you have the Daily A/R button selected when you view a transaction, you will see an estimated A/R for the beginning and end of the selected date. These numbers are intended to be an estimate only. For an accurate current A/R total, you can run the Accounts Receivable report. To get an accurate A/R for a past date, we recommend restoring a MacPractice backup created on that date to a temporary server. The total Accounts Receivable will be broken down into Production Balance (total open charges) and Finance Charge Balance (total unpaid finance charges). Next, the Total Unapplied Balance (all unapplied payments) will be listed, followed by the Net Accounts Receivable (Accounts Receivable minus the Total Unapplied Balance).


Action Detail
If you select Action Detail, you will see some internal database information pertaining to the action. The history_id corresponds to the action's entry in the History report. Incident_id and patient_id refer to internal database references, and will not correspond to information readily available in MacPractice. If an account number is listed, this will correspond to the patient's account number in MacPractice. For example, an account number of "1515" would indicate that the action was performed on one of the patient ledgers within account 1515 (1515-1, 1515-2, and so on).


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