Daily Report - Daily A/R

The Daily A/R report gives you an overview of how the current day's transactions affected your total outstanding balances. This is based off of the posted date on all transactions, regardless of what the items' procedure dates may be. 

The equation MacPractice uses to calculate your Accounts Receivable is listed at the top of the report. The body of the report is divided into 4 sections:

  • Debits Today: This section will list the debits for each debit category: Production, Tax, Positive Adjustments, Refunds (the Refunds total includes Reverse Payments) and Finance Charges.

  • Credits Today: The Credits Today table lists the total credits entered for a day under each of the credit categories: Deposits (Payments, both Insurance and Patient), Negative Adjustments, and Write-Offs.

  • Today's A/R: Today's A/R displays the total of today's debits minus today's credits. To calculate this number manually, add all the numbers from the Debits Today table, and subtract the numbers from the Credits Today column.

  • Total A/R: The Total A/R area allows you to track how today's A/R information affects the overall A/R for the practice. Yesterday's A/R will always be blank in builds 7.3 and below. This is intended to be a place for you to write in yesterday's A/R if you print the report The New Total A/R is the new A/R as of the time the report was run.


Important Note:
If you delete payments, charges, or other ledger transactions, this will not be reflected in the Daily A/R report. If transactions have been deleted, the New Total A/R may not match Yesterday's A/R plus or minus Today's A/R. You may find it more effective to use Postive and Negative adjustments, rather than delete ledger items.

Updates for MacPractice Gen 9:

In the Total A/R section, Yesterday's A/R will display. We have also added a Net A/R field which matches the total from Today's A/R.

In Gen 9, deleted items will be included on this report. For example, if you enter a charge for $50 and delete a charge from a previous day for $10, your total production for the day will be $40. This will not match your regular production report based on posted date as other reports may only account for remaining transactions and not deleted items. 

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