Stolen Computer Recovery Plan

Recovery Plan
In cases of computer failure, theft, natural disaster, or fire, it is highly recommended to have an Recovery Plan in place for re-establishing your database and getting MacPractice up and running. A Recovery Plan  should be reviewed and/or practiced at least once a quarter to ensure that MacPractice can be downloaded and installed, that a valid backup can be accessed and restored, and that other computers and users can log in and access patient data.

Follow these steps to set up a replacement server. 

  1. Locate and ensure a valid backup exists, and is accessible.
  2. Designate a terminal to use as the MacPractice server, if needed. Ensure all staff knows which terminal is the server.
  3. Download and install the MacPractice Server version and reboot when prompted.
  4. Launch MacPractice, open the Database Connection Settings drawer, and click Restore Database to restore the valid backup. You can review instructions on how to restore a database here.
  5. Log in and verify recent patient data, including patient information and attachments.
  6. Configure other terminal computers to point to this new server, if needed. Ensure users can log in.


Stolen Computer Security Considerations
If a computer is stolen, the following information can help you to secure MacPractice. In addition to this document, visit HIPAA's website and review any policies regarding security breaches.

The MacPractice data is stored on the MacPractice Server, which should be kept within a locked room. Should the stolen computer be a MacPractice Server, please review the MySQL Database Server documentation.

Consider the following steps, regardless of whether the stolen computer was a MacPractice Server or Terminal:

  1. Change all user passwords. In the References ability, under the Users node, select each user's record and reset the password with the Set Password button.
  2. Remove the stolen computer's access to the database.  Navigate to MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Database Access. Click the lock in the upper right of the Preferences window. You will be prompted to enter the computer password. If you know the device name of the stolen computer, you can left click on the device name to select it, and then press the delete key on your keyboard.
    If you do not know the device name, we recommend removing all devices from this list and granting each computer database access again as they log in.
    For more details on how to grant a computer database access, please refer to Preferences - Database Access.
  3. Evaluate network security. Call a local network professional to confirm your office's network is secure. If a static IP address is used for the MacPractice server, it may need to be updated.
  4. Secure the MacPractice server. If your MacPractice server was stolen, click here for instructions on setting up a new server. Once you have set up a new computer as the server, you may find it helpful to keep the server in a locked, secure room, to deter future theft.
MacPractice Support is happy to assist with any part of this process. Please call 877-220-8418 or email with any questions.
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