Drawer Reports

The Drawer Reports are a tremendously useful tool within MacPractice. Using the drawer, you can see what records (such as patients and accounts) are associated to any selected reference. For example, you could use the drawer to generate a list of all patients with an alert, or who have had procedures performed at a given facility.

To access the drawer, click the leftmost button in the lower left corner of the MacPractice window. The drawer will appear on one side of your MacPractice window (if you have your MacPractice window sized to fill the screen, you may have to resize the window to view it). In this screenshot, you will see the Patient Alerts reference, but any kind of Reference record can be used. You can click the printer icon to print the list of records, or click the Make List button to add a List of the records to the Lists tab of the drawer. You can use Lists to generate notes, forms, export the data, or simply as a reference. Please click here for more information on using Lists.


Depending on the type of reference used, there may be multiple reports available. For example, if you select a Fee Schedule, you can see Patients With Charges in the Fee Schedule, Patients associated to the Fee Schedule, or Insurance Carriers associated to the record. To choose between available reports, click the pop-up menu available under the List/Report tabs.

NOTE: Many reports have date ranges. The Start Date and End Date fields will always default to the current date. You may need to adjust the date range in order to see the information required. Be sure to click Apply after editing the date range.

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