How To Create an Envelope

This document will instruct you how to create an envelope for your patients. MacPractice has the ability to create a standard #6 envelope and the business #10 envelope. By default, these forms are disabled in MacPractice. Please read on for instructions on how to active your forms.


Activating & Customizing the Envelopes
Start by going to your References ability. In your sidebar, select the Forms node. Toggle the triangle down to see the information under this node. Select your #10 and/or #6 envelope. Once you select the envelope form, click the "Form Active" checkbox, so there is a checkmark in the box.

With the Form Active checkbox enabled, save your changes by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. Your envelopes are now ready to be used.

If you have a custom or pre-printed envelope you wish to use for your office you can customize how the office address will appear on the envelope. To do this, go to the MacPractice menu and select Preferences, then select Forms in the sidebar. In the Forms preference pane, select the Settings tab.

By default your envelope will have the office address print in the upper left corner; if you uncheck Print Office Address On Envelopes the address will not appear. This allows your office to use a custom pre-printed envelope. You can change the name that appears on your envelope by selecting "Print Provider on Patient Envelopes" or by changing the Default Office For Envelopes if you have another office name in MacPractice.

Using the Envelopes
With the envelopes enabled under your Forms reference, you are ready to start using the envelope forms. This can be done from the Patients, Schedule, or Notes ability by accessing the Form node in your sidebar.

Creating an Envelope For a Single Patient.
When you are in One mode, everything you are doing is for the one patient you have selected in your MacPractice software. Click on the name of the Envelope and it will populate in MacPractice with the patient's information.

Click Print to create your envelope for this patient.

Creating Envelopes For Multiple Patients or Referrers
When you are under the Many mode in MacPractice, you are dealing with all of your patients. To create an envelope (either for all patients/referrers, or a select few), you will want to utilize your List drawer function. Access the drawer and create a list for your patients or referrers.

Select the title of your List, then drag the title to your Form node of the ability you are in. After dragging the list to the envelope form, your print window will come up and print envelopes for all the patients or referrers under your List.

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