Multiple Office Alternatives

If you determine that adding another office reference to your current database does not apply to your unique office, you many consider adding a facility, another office reference, or even a second database.

Facility vs Office Reference vs Second Database
Facility, Office references, and additional databases offer additional billing and reporting options. Facilities can be used if you simply need to send out claims for different facilities and want to filter your production reports based on the location they were performed in. Office references allow for more separation than facilities within the same database. A second database on the other hand will have no connection to your main database and will be it's own record of patients, appointments, production, etc.

Add a Facility
You may need an additional Facility Reference if you perform service at a remote office or hospital under the same Tax ID, but need separate records or to show services rendered at these locations printed in box 32 on the CMS 1500 form.

You can add as many facilities to MacPractice as you need in the References Ability under the Facility node. Any necessary Tax ID numbers can also be added to the Facility Reference. For more information on adding a facility, please see the Adding a Facility section of the Reference documentation.

A default Facility can be added to the Office Reference in the Office node of the References Ability under Default Facility.

Add an Office Reference
Another office reference would allow you to filter almost any report in MacPractice by office. You can associate patients, providers, and charges to offices, which will allow you to filter the information in reports as you want while still keeping everything in a single database. This also allows you to bill using separate offices for insurance and statements. 

If you are interested in purchasing an additional office reference, please contact MacPractice Accounting for assistance. We can be reached by phone at 877-220-8418 or by email at


Add a Second Database
A second MacPractice database would require a separate MacPractice network and have a separate serial number. You may need a second MacPractice database if you need to keep your patient data or financial reports completely separate from another provider. If you are required by law to separate a provider's practice from the surgery center, you may also need a second database.

If you are interested in purchasing a second database, please contact your MacPractice Sales Representative for assistance.

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