eClaims - Corrected and Voided Claims

This documentation will help with the creation of corrected and voided electronic claims.
A payer may request that a claim be resent electronically, and be marked as either 'corrected' or 'voided'. This process will only apply to claims that have previously been processed and assigned an ICN (Internal Control Number) by the payer. This number is often referred to as 'Claim Control Number'. Please contact the payer to determine when a corrected or voided claim should be sent, as this varies per payer.

As previously mentioned Corrected/Voided claims require an ICN, or internal control number, from the original processed claim. This number can be found on the EOB/ERA from the original claim submission. If the EOB/ERA doesn't include the ICN, then please contact the payer for submission directions.
Note: MacPractice does not have access to this information

Once the ICN has been acquired, it will have to manually be entered onto the claim details in the eClaims ability. It is important to make any necessary changes and rebuild the claim before entering the ICN into the claim. Rebuilding the claim after entering the ICN will erase any information that was manually entered.

Once the necessary changes have been made and the claim has been rebuilt, select the ready claim from the eClaims ability. Toggle down the Claim field.

Scroll down until the Is Corrected and Is Voided checkboxes are visible and check the appropriate box. Do not select both.

To enter the ICN number, toggle down the Procedure field and then toggle down the first procedure on the claim.

Scroll down until the ICN field is visible. Double-click in this field under the 'Value' column to enter the ICN.

Once the ICN entered and either the Is Corrected or Is Voided checkbox selected the claim will need to be saved (command + s). It can then be sent via the 'Send' button.

ANSI Reference:
Claim Information = 2300 Loop
"Is Corrected" uses a value of 7, "Is Void" uses a value of 8 in CLM05-3
ICN number populates in REF*F8

Institutional Claims
If the claim to be corrected is an Institutional claim, additional steps are required to mark the eClaim as corrected.

Within the ready claim form in the eClaims ability, instead of using the ICN field within the Procedure field, Institutional Claims will require the ICN to be placed within the Claim field. Toggle the Claim field and place the ICN within the Original Reference Number field.

Next, Institutional Claims require a correction in the Type of Bill field. Toggle the Provider field and scroll down to the Type of Bill field. Double click the field and change the last digit within the Value column to 7 for a 'Corrected' or 8 for a 'Voided' claim.

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