Measure Calculation Adjustments

This reports reference allows you to add additional information in MacPractice for the Measure Calculation reports which are used to attest to Meaningful Use and MIPS. Before these can be set, each provider attesting to Meaningful Use or MIPS needs to have "The first year attesting to Meaningful Use is" drop-down set on their user reference. Once set, you will see options for Supplemental Measure Data, Measure Exceptions, an Observed Holidays.

Supplemental Measure Data
This tab allows you to enter in the number of items counted for Meaningful Use/MIPS that were not entered elsewhere into the MacPractice software. As an example, adding "50" to the box for "Number of lab orders not recorded in MacPractice" will add 50 to the denominator of the associated report. Since these are not items recorded in MacPractice, they are not able to count towards the numerators of the report. They will however, give you accurate and honest numbers to attest with when running your Measure Calculation reports.


Measure Exceptions
This tab allows you to note several exclusions to certain Objectives of Meaningful Use/MIPS. Checking the box next to an exclusion will add text explaining that exclusion to the corresponding Measure Calculation report(s).


Observed Holidays
This tab allows you to check every federal and state holiday on which the provider attesting to Meaningful Use/MIPS was not available. A holiday that is checked on this tab will be excluded from the calculation of "business days" as it pertains to the "within 48 hours" requirement for the View, Download, and Transmit report.

Each provider will need to select the holidays on which they were not available, as availability and Meaningful Use/MIPS attestation are both determined on a per provider basis. To add additional unique state holidays that are not nationally recognized, use the State Holidays reference folder.

State Holidays
This reports reference folder allows you to add unique state recognized holidays that are not nationally recognized. This is for the purpose of excluding that state holiday from the calculation of "business days" is it pertains to the "within 48 hours" requirement for the View, Download, and Transmit report.

Enter in the name of the state holiday and the date on which it is observed. Because of the fact that providers may choose to observe a state holiday one year but not the next, these unique state holidays must be created for each calendar year. As an example, if you observe the Friday after Thanksgiving, this must be added with the date of 11/27/2015 and again for 11/25/2016.


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