Customizing the Toolbar

The toolbar provides access to functions, commands, and abilities within the MacPractice window and can be customized to access many of the items within the Menu Bar. For example, Abilities, Reload, Toggle One/Many, Search, and Customize Toolbar items from the View menu can also be accessed from icons on the toolbar.

To customize the toolbar, right click (or control-click) on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar. You can also select Customize Toolbar from the View menu. From the toolbar items menu, drag items or the default items set to the toolbar. Items can be arranged by dragging the icon to the toolbar.


The Toolbar Customization menu also includes the following display options:

  • Show: Sets the display of items as Icons, or Icons and Text.
  • Space: Creates one block of visual space on the toolbar.
  • Flexible Space: Creates a space that justifies based on overall window size.
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