6.1 Release Notes

Build 6.1.42

  • Time Clock - Overtime is now calculated correctly.

Build 6.1.41


  • HL7 preferences that were archived reappear, and the HL7 Logs report shows current preference settings for the HL7 files.

Time Clock

  • Clarifies a preference concerning Breaks in Time Clock Preferences.  
  • Various fixes

Build 6.1.40


  • Allows comment header and results to be input after IN1 Segment.

Build 6.1.39


  • Read receipts update correctly.

Build 6.1.37-2


  • The update removes the text prompt stating incompatibility with El Capitan.

Build 6.1.38

  • Various fixes

Build 6.1.35-5


  • Mapping will now display correctly

Build 6.1-17 thru 6.1.33

  • Various fixes

Build 6.1.16

  • Adds 2016 CPT & HCPCS codes

Build 6.1.14

Reference Concept Database

  • Various fixes

Build 6.1.13

EMR/EDR - General

  • Added the ability to archive and unarchive EMR Patient Forms that are not locked

Build 6.1.12

Reports - Measure Calculation (2014)

  • Implemented the Modified Stage 2 changes, per CMS/ONC final rule, to the Measure Calculation reports and added 2 new exclusions for 2015 for scheduled stage 1 providers

Build 6.1.11

Dental - Perio

  • Prevented an issue saving perio notation order preferences across user sessions

Dental - Restorative Charting

  • Prevented an issue where teeth with removable partial dentures may not display, Prevented an issue where the preview of bridge work on mandibular teeth may be misaligned 


  • Added keys for history database to the backup, preventing an erroneous backup failure report 


  • Prevented a crash when adding a new Patient Portal user

Build 6.1.10

Code Mapper 

  • Prevented an issue that may cause some code mappings to fail

Dental - Perio

  • Prevented an issue where the incorrect charting may display in a new perio record


  • Prevented an issue where eClaims may hang when the Plan Type is changed in Detail tab EHR, 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing deleting Encounter Diagnoses in EHR


  • Addressed an issue with the Primary Language Menu when using Canadian Claim Fields


  • Resolved an issue refreshing remaining coverage after an insurance payment
  • Prevented an issue that may interfere with adding adjustments to TSI (Transworld) payments
  • Prevented a potential issue for charge units with more than 2 digits after the decimal
  • Prevented an issue that may prioritize electronic predeterminations within a Treatment Plan
  • Prevented an issue updating the charge description in the New Charge window
  • Prevented a potential issue loading Imported Transactions in the Dental Tab

Managers: Database

  • The collations on fee and charge columns now explicitly use Unicode

Managers: ERA Manager

  • Improved ERA Manager performance


  • Improved performance in the Find and On Call functions of Scheduling
  • Prevented an issue that may prevent the Find function from locating appointments
  • Converting more of Scheduling to new performance enhancing technology
  • Prevented a potential crash when modifying an appointment
  • Prevented an issue with deleting a patient race


  • Prevented an issue where a failed backup may generate an error without listing a reason

References: Fee Schedules

  • Prevented an issue where the diagnosis delete button in Fee Schedule may be disabled


  • Improved performance in the Find and On Call functions of Scheduling
  • Prevented an issue that may prevent the Find function from locating appointments
  • Converting more of Scheduling to new performance enhancing technology
  • Prevented a potential crash when modifying an appointment


  • We have continued to add new technologies for performance improvements in many MacPractice Abilities, including Inventory, Messaging, and Scheduling

Build 6.1.9

Code Mapper  

  • Improved ICD-9 to ICD-10 code mapping suggestions


  • Prevented an issue where signatures may not display on EHR forms 

Managers - Encounter Tracker  

  • Prevented a potential issue printing a Care Slip from the Encounter Tracker in Yosemite

Patients - Orders

  • Prevented an issue where the order status may not update properly when creating a new order


  • Prevented memory issues in Scheduling, Prevented an unexpected quit that may occur when using the Print icon in the toolbar 

Build 6.1.8

Code Mapper 

  • Updated the suggested mapping in the New Charge Window
  • Added additional mappings for ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes
  • Limited the codes that can be added to Care Slips to the billable ICD-10 codes
  • Prevented an issue where the ICD-9 Helper may not return suggestions in some circumstances
  • Updated ICD-10-CM billing codes to limit pulling all 92,000 codes
  • ICD-10 concepts have been updated with a non-billable flag for codes that are not billable.

Digital Radiography

  • Prevented an issue where DR Image Capture may not correspond to the layout.


  • Prevented an eClaim TPN submission issue.


  • Prevented an issue that may hide signatures on printed EHR forms
  • Improved the speed of loading EHR forms with many patient medications.


  • The EMR Problem List narrative for problems will now display the code and code typePrevented an issue with deleting a form without sections.


  • Updated the order note for the Send Demographics action from Lab requisition sent to Patient Demographics Sent.


  • Prevented an issue where a user may be allowed to unintentionally close a non-related order when posting charges.

Managers - Codes Manager 

  • Added 2016 Codes Manager, Added 2016 ADA Codes to Codes Manager.


  • Prevented an issue which may cause a Notes image to not refresh.

Patient Portal

  • A Patient Portal username can now be up to 100 characters.


  • Added an Allowed Amount column to Production and Daily reports.


  • We have begun to implement new technologies to improve speed
  • Prevented an unexpected quit when scheduling recalls after posting charges from Advanced View
  • A preference has been added to select whether the appointment headers are bold
  • Reduced the default font size from 12 to 10 pixels
  • The minimum row height now scales to the font size to always display appointment text
  • The pending patient links in Scheduling reports are now orange
  • The pending patient links in the Patients By Status report are now orange rather than blue

Build 6.1.7


  • Improved speed of closing an Appointment window in Scheduling, Added a Scheduling Preference to hide specific days of the week.

Build 6.1.6


  • Prevented a missing procedure identifier on a charge from hindering claim generation.


  • Enabled the Send Demographics button for lab orders that are pending results.

Build 6.1.5


  • Prevented an issue where MacPractice may quit after closing the appointment details
  • Added the ability to print the schedule with appointment information that is consistent with the status of the HIPAA button.

Build 6.1.4

Dental - Perio

  • Added a preference in Perio Charting to allow you to choose what a single click action does.


  • Prevented an issue where attachments might be removed when using the Clear Section option in EHR Ledger
  • Prevented a mapping from being removed for the first charge diagnosis after adding a new diagnosis to the charge.

Managers - Bulk Insurance Payments

  • Prevented a potential unexpected quit when making a bulk payment 


  • Prevented the Schedule from reverting back to the previously selected day when the To Reschedule node is selected while the small calendar dates are changed
  • Prevented a potential unexpected quit when loading the appointment preview text 

Build 6.1.3

Code Mapper

Prevented an issue where the Code Mapper may not display in the Advanced View of Scheduling when a new charge shortcut is used.


  • Added a Procedure Date pull field to EMR.


  • Improved the speed of logging in when the first view is the Account Ledger
  • Prevented the possibility of duplicating a diagnosis when adding a new diagnoses record as a charge while using a fee schedule that already contains that diagnosis.

Login (MacPractice)

  • Improved the speed of logging in when the Scheduling Ability was the previous view.

Managers - Claim Manager

  • Increased claim generation speed in New Claim Manager by a significant amount.

Managers - Statements

  • Increased speed in the Statement Manager.

Perio Charting

  • Prevented an issue where selecting new Perio record might display another Provider and Hygienist
  • The Hygienist and Provider preferred by the patient are now the default when creating a new blank perio record.

References - Fee Schedules

  • Prevented an issue where Fees with Units may not populate on the charge.

References - Insurance Companies

  • Improved the speed of logging out from the Insurance Company Reference.


  • Prevented an issue where you could not right click in a small area at the top of the schedule
  • The patient age now displays in months, weeks, or days if the patient is under a year old
  • All appointment borders now display when printing the schedule.


  • Prevented an unexpected quit in the Scheduling print view 

Build 6.1.1

Attachments/Images Ability

  • An image will now load the first time the record is selected EHR
  • Improved the appointment contextual menu item to Go To EHR from the Scheduling Ability.


  • Added the ability to map codes when going to ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM when updating Care Slips
  • Mapped diagnosis codes are now pulled from the Problem List to new EMR Care Slips when the original code is Regularly Treated
  • The incident will now pull from the Patient Form Palette to the EMR Vitals element.


  • Prevented an issue where PDFs embedded in lab results may not import correctly.


  • Reduced the number of mappings required in subsequent charges by sharing code mappings for charge diagnoses in the same incident
  • Improved speed of Ledger query.


  • Improved stability when adding an allergy through the Clinical tab, 
  • The last filters selected in Orders are now remembered, 
  • Prevented a slight chance of saving Orders to the wrong patient.

Perio Charting

  • Perio charting can now be done on teeth marked as extracted in a treatment plan.

References - Fee Schedules

  • Custom codes added as fees can now more easily be pulled to the New Charge window Improved adding a custom code from the Fee Schedule.

Reports - Insurance

  • Added the ability to filter Insurance Receipts Report by payment procedure and posted date.


  • The default Scheduling preferences have been updated Appointment blocks in the Scheduling calendar are now square
  • Improved AutoRemind appointment refresh rate
  • Added the ability to view a single resource from the appointment menu Improved exporting appointments to Calendar when the All resources option is selected
  • Prevented the schedule from jumping back to a patient's first appointment when navigating from another Ability with a patient selected.

Build 6.1.0

Code Mapper

  • Improved diagnosis mapping encoding when there is a quotation character in code
  • Improved saving and pulling custom code mappings in the New Charge window
  • Improved url encoding where the code description contains an apostrophe character
  • Improved coordination of the Code Mapper in the New Charge window and charge diagnoses
  • Improved the Code Mapper workflow to make the search field the focus
  • Improved the function of the Done button in the Code Mapper when the code description contains special characters
  • Added the ability to recall Encounter Diagnosis mappings entered in the New Charge window so that more than 4 diagnoses can be sent on a claim.


  • Updated the database for new NDC codes and valid 3 digit billing codes for ICD-10-CM.


  • Prevented an issue where sent eClaims may still display overrides for Diagnosis Qualifiers.


  • When no patient is selected in EHR, there will now be no Clinical Summary sidebar node and the default view will be the Template Library Multiple images will now display in a EHR form custom section
  • Added the PRN checkbox to the EHR Prescription Section popover Improved EHR coding modifiers so that the modifiers are entered in order
  • Improved Vitals section to adhere to localization preferences
  • Added the ability to resize images from a Draw View section directly in the narrative
  • Added a date stamp in EHR Signature section
  • Added a PRN checkbox to the EHR Medication section
  • Added an Incident identifier to new attachments
  • Improved the Encounter Diagnosis section workflow to disregard an irrelevant error message when no Problem List is present
  • Improved orders created in EHR to now display the time and allow order notes, Improved memory and error management in the Coding (Billing) and Prescription sections.


  • Improved the Text Box element to align with the current section height and a width of under 20 pixels
  • A PDF added to Image view will now also open as a PDF
  • Prevented an issue where transmitted prescriptions may appear to be editable in the EMR Medications element
  • Improved formatting when of take, duration, dispense, and refills in the EMR Medications element Imaging, 
  • Added Planmeca Sensor selection in MacPractice MD.


  • Since only 4 diagnosis codes per charge are allowed, it is now not possible to save more than 4 diagnosis per charge in the New Charge window
  • Code mappings are now saved for all the charges within the same incident, 
  • Improved the color indication of mapped codes when creating a new charge, or rearranging and deleting codes, 
  • Added the ability to carry over diagnosis code mappings for subsequent charges copied in the New Charge window, 
  • Added a tooltip to the Map Diagnoses button in the New Charge window
  • Mapped diagnoses will now display in red if the Insurance Coding preference and Billing Coding preference do not match, 
  • Prevented a potential stability issue after posting Care Slip order in the Advanced view
  • Prevented an issue where Diagnosis Pointers may show on paper claims, 
  • Prevented an issue where the Charge diagnosis may print on the Claim instead of Claim diagnoses.

Managers: Claim Manager

  • Added a checkbox in the Claim Manager to display Unmapped Claims Notes, 
  • Updated pull-fields for ICD-10 Patients, 
  • A secondary guarantor can now more easily be removed from a patient.

Patients: Clinical

  • Improved Infobutton function for retrieving resources for the smoking status.

Patients: Orders

  • Prevented an issue with printing the first order on the list in Orders Ability.

Perio Charting

  • Prevented an issue where the cursor may skip teeth with implants
  • Improved cursor movement while Perio charting
  • Added the ability to chart on implanted teeth even if they have been previously charted as extracted
  • Improved the Perio Chart workflow to allow the delete key on the keyboard to have the same behavior as the space bar, which will clear the entry box and advance the cursor.

References: Fee Schedules 

  • Diagnoses from the Fee Schedule will now be pulled to new charges
  • Added the ability to pull Custom codes from Fee Schedules into the New Charge window.


  • Addressed an issue where the plan needed to be looked at for the insurance type of Medicaid since the insurance types for plan level can differ from the insurance level Restorative Charting
  • An Implanted Tooth graphic will now display if a tooth was set to missing first
  • Perio Charting is now possible on Implants even if the tooth was set to missing first 
  • Prevented a potential unexpected quit when printing a Treatment Plan with Restorative Charting graphics.


  • Improved the alignment of header text and body text on the appointment
  • An appointment border now displays when printing in black and white
  • Prevented an issue that could prevent newly entered patient birthdate or phone numbers from saving in Advanced View within Scheduling
  • Prevented an issue where the Schedule might revert back to the previously selected date when using the month selection tabs
  • Prevented an issue where hiding or showing resources may not update the appointment list in the sidebar.

Server - The host name no longer prevents granting mysql credentials.

New Features in 6.1

New Features lists notable changes in MacPractice v5.1

Digital Radiography 2

  • The improved Digital Radiography Ability is significantly faster and more efficient, with enhanced features for full screen viewing, improved measurement calibration, new image editing tools, and new preferences. 


  • New MacPractice Integrated Network Fax provides the only integrated electronic fax and document management solution built specifically for a doctor's office. It allows you to enhance your practice productivity and workflow with networked access to faxes and documents. 

Online Registration and EHR Forms

  • Patients can complete virtually any type of form (including registration, social, and health history forms) on the web through the Patient Portal. Completed forms are incorporated into a patient record in MacPractice. 

Patient Portal

  • Patient Portal has had significant new features added to the product since the introduction in MacPractice 5, including improved portal access controls and Messaging integration.

Perio 2

  • The Perio Ability has been completely redesigned. Among many new highlights, Perio 2 features periodontal visit comparison and a control panel for comprehensive notation.

Restorative Charting 2:

  • Restorative Charting has received many improvements in an ongoing project to perfect the Ability. The teeth graphics have been updated to reflect Yosemite's style and the clinical note table has been improved aesthetically. The code has also been cleaned up and improved for speed and stability. 

Schedule 2

  • The MacPractice Scheduling Ability has been updated in MacPractice version 5.1 with more powerful scheduling tools and a modern aesthetic. The Schedule refreshes faster to minimize delay when updating appointments. 

Template Editor

  • Template Editor allows you to easily create the perfect template for EHR, iEHR, Clipboard, or Patient Portal with robust customization features. You can create new templates, or edit existing templates from the vast Template Library with templates in many specialties. 

User Interface

  • Several overall design updates have been made to parallel with the Mac OS Yosemite aesthetic, including new icons, modern improvements to the sidebar, and the use of the System Fonts.


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