Measure Calculation Report - Patient Education Measure

The objective of this measure is the same for both the Medicare Quality Payment Program MIPS and the Medicaid Meaningful Use program, however the required threshold is different. Be sure to select the appropriate program at the top before running the report. Every Medicare provider will be attesting to MIPS and every Medicaid provider will be attesting to Modified Stage 2 of Meaningful Use for 2017. (MacPractice still maintains the Stage 1 and Stage 2 report options here for our users that require them for Meaningful Use audits.)



The MIPS eligible clinician must use clinically relevant information from CEHRT to identify patient-specific educational resources and provide access to those materials to at least one unique patient seen by the MIPS eligible clinician.

Modified Stage 2


Use clinically relevant information from CEHRT to identify patient-specific education resources and provide those resources to the patient. 


Patient-specific education resources identified by CEHRT are provided to patients for more than 10 percent of all unique patients with office visits seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.

MacPractice Report (for MIPS and Meaningful Use)
Patient Education Measure


Denominator: All unique patients seen within the filtered date range.

Numerator: The patient must have a Patient Education added to their account within the same year as your reporting period.

Patient Education records can be added to a patient in two ways. The first involves creating custom Patient Education Resources in References. Once the Patient Education Resources are created, they can be added to any patient who meets all of the qualifications on their Clinical tab in the Patients ability or in an EHR form.

In the Clinical tab:
In an EHR form:


In addition to creating Patient Education Resources in References, MacPractice has added an InfoButton Standard to Allergies, Problems, Medications, and Labs on a patient's clinical tab and EHR summary. The use of this will also count as providing the education to the patient. Remember to check the "Gave Resource to Patient" button at the bottom of the window to add the education to the patient's account.

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