Measure Calculation Report - Medication Reconciliation Measure

The objective of this measure is the same for both the Medicare Quality Payment Program MIPS and the Medicaid Meaningful Use program, however the required threshold is different. Be sure to select the appropriate program at the top before running the report. Every Medicare provider will be attesting to MIPS and every Medicaid provider will be attesting to Modified Stage 2 of Meaningful Use for 2017. (MacPractice still maintains the Stage 1 and Stage 2 report options here for our users that require them for Meaningful Use audits.)



The MIPS eligible clinician performs medication reconciliation for at least one transition of care in which the patient is transitioned into the care of the MIPS eligible clinician.

Modified Stage 2


The EP that receives a patient from another setting of care or provider of care or believes an encounter is relevant performs medication reconciliation.


The EP performs medication reconciliation for more than 50 percent of transitions of care in which the patient is transitioned into the care of the EP.


Providers who are not the recipient of any transitions of care during the reporting period.


MacPractice Report (for MIPS and Meaningful Use)
Medication Reconciliation Measure

Denominator: Patient must meet one of the following conditions to be included in the report:

A) An incident dated within the reporting period with the First Encounter box checked, which also must include an office visit procedure code.


B) Electronic receipt of a transition of care document to your office from another office using an EHR capable of sending these. The document must then be tied to an incident dated within the reporting period, and that incident's ledger must also include an office visit procedure code.

C) A patient coming into your office with a list of their current medications, which will then need to be entered in as a list to reconcile on an incident dated within the reporting period. (For this case, the act of entering in a list to reconcile and reconciling will add the patient to the denominator and numerator at the same time.)

Numerator: You must perform a medication reconciliation in EHR or EMR on a form that is associated to the SAME INCIDENT that you post the patient's office visit to. You must be sure to go through the Reconcile process, and not just add Medications manually or check the No Medications checkbox.


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