*RETIRED* Clinical Quality Measures Report - HIV/AIDS: Medical Visit

***As of 2017, this Quality Measure has been retired by CMS. It is no longer able to be reported for Meaningful Use nor MIPS Quality measures. MacPractice maintains this documentation only for reference.***


Percentage of patients, regardless of age, with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS with at least two medical visits during the measurement year with a minimum of 90 days between each visit.

  • Denominator:
    • The patient must be diagnosed the HIV/AIDS, indicated with the listed ICD-9, ICD-10, or snomed codes in the report footer
    • They must be seen during the filtered date range, indicated with the listed CPT codes in the report footer
  • Numerator:
    • The patient must have at least one additional office visit during the filtered date range
    • This additional office visit must be at least 90 days after the first visit
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