Clinical Quality Measures Report - Chlamydia Screening for Women

The Chlamydia Screening for Women report measures the percentage of women 16-24 years of age who were identified as sexually active and who had at least one test for chlamydia during the measurement period.

A patient will be in the denominator when they have all of the following- 

  • A gender of Female
  • An age from 16-24 years old
  • A visit during your reporting period 
  • An indication that they are sexually active, which can be any of the following-
    • Diagnosis codes with an Onset Date matching the visit's Procedure Date- Other Female Reproductive Conditions, Genital Herpes, Gonococcal Infection and Venereal Diseases Inflammatory Diseases of Female Reproductive Organs, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, or Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium
    • Contraceptive Medications
    • Lab tests- Pregnancy Test, Pap Test, Lab Tests During Pregnancy, Lab Tests for Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • Procedures- Delivery Live Births, Procedures During Pregnancy, Procedures Involving Contraceptive Devices

A patient will be in the numerator when they have all of the following- 

  • A Chlamydia Screening LNC code entered as a Laboratory Order with a Value and a Received Date within your reporting period


  • Stratum 1 measures are calculated in the same manner for women 16-20
  • Stratum 2 measure are in the same manner for women 21-24
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