National Provider Identification - NPI

As of May 23rd, 2008, the NPI must be used in lieu of Legacy Provider Identifiers in the HIPAA standards transactions as mandated by CMS. However, not all individual insurance carriers were ready for NPI only transmissions as of that date.

HIPAA currently mandates that all providers who submit claims to insurance for reimbursement possess an NPI number.

If you have questions regarding NPI, please view the NPI numerator Web site, (this site can also be accessed by going to the Internet ability in MacPractice and selecting NPI Registry Search in the sidebar), or call the NPI hotline at (800) 465-3203, which is a government organization that assigns the NPI numbers.

MacPractice cannot be held responsible for any claim rejections you receive as the result of our recommendations and suggestions. It is your responsibility to be aware of the exact requirements for each of your insurance carriers and to set the software up accordingly. It is advisable to contact your carriers before you make any of the changes recommended in this documentation.

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