Marketing Report - Patients With No Transactions

The Patients With No Transactions report lists patients without procedures entered in their Ledger.

Patients With No Transactions - Filters

You can filter the Patients With No Transactions report by the Provider and Office listed in the Patient screen. You can also filter the report by the patient's New Patient DateSex, and Age.

If the Include Inactive Patients checkbox is checked, deleted and archived patients will be included in the report. If it is unchecked, they will be excluded.

Click Apply to see your results.

Patients With No Transactions - Results

  • Patient #: Patient's MacPractice account number.
  • Patient Last, First: Patient's name
  • Age: Patient's age
  • Sex: Patient's sex
  • New Patient Date: New Patient Date entered in the Patient tab.
  • Phone1: First phone number listed in the Patient tab.
  • Office/Provider: The Office ID and User ID of the provider and office listed in the Patient tab.
At the bottom of the report, there are two buttons:
  • Make List - This button will add the patients' names in the List in the drawer.
  • Export - Click the Export button to export the patients' names and emails in a tab delimited file.
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