Marketing Report - Patients by Birthdate

The Patients by Birthdate report can be used to gather lists of patients born during a specific time period.

This can be useful for creating birthday cards or postcards for patients. This report can be filtered by Provider and Office. In this case, this is the provider and office listed in the Patient tab.


There are two options for the date filter. The first is "Birthday between month/day, then year". This option is the best to use if you want to find all patients with a birthday in a given month. For example, if you enter 6/1/1900 as a start date, and06/30/2010 as an end date, it will bring up a list of all patients in your practice that were born in the month of June, between the years 1900 and 2010.

The other option is "Birthdate between dates". This will return a list of patients whose birthday falls between the start and end date. So if you wanted a list of all patients born in the eighties, you would run the report for 1/1/1980-12/31/1989. As with other reports, click Apply to view your list.

The results are shown in five columns:

  • Patient Last, First: Patient's name
  • Birthday: Patient's birthday, as listed in the Patient tab
  • Y/M/D Old: Patient's age, to the day
  • Days Old: Patient's age, in days
  • Age: Patient's age, in years only
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