Marketing Report - Discount

The Discount Report displays information on discounts given to patients, based on the Percent Discount field in the Account tab.

Discount - Filters


  • The Discount report can be filtered by Provider and Office. This report filters based on the Provider/Office listed in the Account tab.
  • You can enter a date range in the Procedure Start Date/End Date fields. This will filter the report to show only discounts applied to procedures with a Procedure Date within the date range.

Click Apply to see your results.

Discount - Results
After clicking Apply, you will see a list of accounts.


  • The Account column lists the account number. Click the link to go to that account.
  • The Guarantor lists the Primary on the account.
  • The % Discount column displays the current percentage entered in the % Discount field of the Account tab. If an account used to have a % Discount entered, and the discount was applied to procedures before it was deleted, the account will show on this report has having received discounts, even though the current % Discount is 0.00.
  • The Discount column displays the amount of money that has been discounted for the account.
  • The Balance column lists the current balance on the account, including both Insurance Portion and Patient Portion as well as any manual adjustment to the fee amount in the new charge window.
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