Marketing Report - Account Primary Person

The Account Primary Person report can be used to find the names and addresses of either the Primary listed on the account, or the statement recipient, depending on what you have selected in your filters.

  • Select Provider/Office: Filters the report based on the Provider/Office listed in the Account tab.
  • Pull Send Statement To Person: If this box is unchecked, the report will show the person listed in the Primary tab. If this box is checked, it will pull either the Primary or Secondary person on the account, depending on what is selected in the Statement Information area of the Account tab.
  • Include Inactive Accounts: If this box is checked, archived and deleted accounts will be shown on the report.

When the report is ran you will be able to view your information in the provided 5 columns:


  • Account #: The number MacPractice has assigned to the account.
  • Primary Last, First: The last and first name of either the primary or the statement recipient listed on the account.
  • Address: The address of the primary tab, or the "Send Statement To" tab, depending on your selection in the filter.
  • Phone: The first phone number listed for the primary or statement recipient on the account.
  • Patient Count: List the number of patient(s) that are associated to the Primary of the account.
Click the triangle to the left of the account number to view the patients contained within the account.
  • Patient#: This is the ID the patient is given when associated to the Primary of the account usually ending in a -2, -3 and so on.
  • Patient Last, First: The last and first name of the patient.
  • Sex: Lists the sex of the patient.
  • Date of Birth: Lists when the patient was born.
  • Relationship to Primary: Lists how the patient is associated to the Primary of the account.
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