Management Report - DemandForce Extract

Note: As of Nov. 2017, MacPractice no longer supports DemandForce. This information is being preserved for legacy support. If you need any assistance, please contact DemandForce Support.

The DemandForce Extract Report displays individual DemandForce export events and whether the export was a failure or Success. The report is only available when the DemandForce ability has been purchased and enabled in the DemandForce Preferences.

The report can be filtered by Office, Success Type, and Start and End Date.

The report displays results in the following columns:

  • Firmographics Office: The Office name from which the export was sent.
  • Success/Failed: Whether the export was a success or failure.
  • Date: The date and time which the export was sent.

Click the disclosure triangle on any result to display the individual result report for that export, or check the Expand All box at the bottom of the report to expand all results.

If an export has failed, the result report will display the log generated when sending the XML file. The log will demonstrate the path the XML file took and where in the process the export failed. The reason for the failure will generally display within theServer Response line. The log file may display the following lines:
  • Zipping (XML file name) to (zip file name): This line shows that the export XML file was zipped and renamed.
  • Uploading (zip file name) to (DemandForce server filename): This line shows where the export file is being uploaded on the DemandForce server.
  • Upload posted: This line shows that the upload was posted to the DemandForce Server.
  • Server Response: This line shows how the DemandForce Server responded to the received zip file. Generally, the reason for the failure is found within this line.
  • Deleted file: This line will appear in a failed report to show that the rejected zip file and original XML export file are deleted, as the issue will need to be addressed and a new XML and zip will be recreated.
Click the Export button to Export the results of the report.
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