Management Report - Account Monthly Statement Options

The Account Monthly Statement Option Report allows you to filter accounts based on the monthly statement option, which is set in the Account tab of the Patient ability.

This menu allows you to choose when a patient is displayed in Statement Manager.


This report has two basic filter functions: Filter Providers and Filter Offices. These options will filter the report based on the provider and office listed in the patient's Account tab.

More importantly, you can filter search results by the monthly statement option, as set in the Account tab of the Patient ability. You must have at least one statement option filter selected in order for the report to return search results.

If you choose to filter by more than one option, the report will display links that will direct you to the correlating portion of the report. For example, if you click the Don't Send Monthly Statement link, you will be directed to the section of the report that displays these accounts.


By default, this report will sort patients by account number. If preferred, you can instead sort using any of the following column options:

  • Account #: The first column of the report shows the account number.
  • Primary Name and Secondary Name: The following two columns display the Primary/Secondary names as entered in the Primary and Secondary tabs of the Patient ability.
  • Send to Address: This column will display the send to address, as is set using the Where To Send Statements radio buttons in the Account tab.
  • Provider: The final column will display the Account level provider.

The bottom of each statement option (if more than one selected), displays the total number of patients on the list. Selecting the account number link will redirect you to the Account tab, allowing you to modify Monthly Statement Options or Where to Send Statements options.

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