Insurance Report - Insurance Write-Off (Gen 7 & earlier)

The Insurance Write-Off Report lists write-offs which have been associated with ledger charges.

This documentations contains the following sections:


  • Providers: Filters the report based on the provider listed on the Insurance claim.
  • Offices: Filters the report based on the office listed on the Insurance claim.
  • Insurances: Filters the report based on specific Insurances as listed in the Insurance Companies Reference.
  • Write-Off Posted Start/End Date: Filters the report based on a date range using the write-off's posted date.


  • Patient Last, First: Lists the first and last name of the patient associated to each write-off.
  • Insurance Company: List the Insurance company associated to each write-off.
  • Procedure: Lists the procedure associated to the write-off.
  • Posted Date: Lists the date in which the write-off was posted.
    Note: In MacPractice Gen 9, Write Offs are tied to the Charge, not the Claim. Therefore, the Posted Date will reflect the Posted Date of the Charge associated with the Write Off, not the Posted Date of the Claim.
  • Write-Off Amount: Lists the amount of the write-off posted.
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