Insurance Report - Insurance Receipts By Plan Type

The Insurance Receipts By Plan Type Report lists the Insurance Receipts By Plan Type.

The report can filter results based on Plan Type per Year, or per year by Plan Type.

This documentation contains the following sections:


  • Providers: Filters the report based on the provider listed on the patient account.
  • Offices: Filters the report based on the office listed on the patient account.
  • Financial Status: Filters the report based on the Financial Status set in the Account tab within the Patients Ability. 
  • Payment Posted Date: Filters the Report based on the date the Insurance payment was posted.
  • Group By Plan Type, Year / Groups By Year, Plan Type: Displays the report results as Plan Type within Year, or Years within Plan Type, respectively.
  • Plan Type: The Plan Type associated to the Insurance Company listed on the Insurance payment.
  • Description: The Description of the Plan Type.
  • # of Charges: The number of charges resulting in receipts listed within the Plan Type result.
  • Avg. Days Open: The average number of days the claim remained open.
  • Fees: The total amount of Fees listed on the Insurance Receipts.
  • Allowed: Lists the total allowed amount for the receipts.
  • Avg. Allowed: Lists the average allowed amount for the fees on the receipts. 
  • Paid: Lists the total amount which has been paid towards the receipts.
  • Avg. Paid: Lists the average amount paid in dollars.
  • Write-Off: Lists the total Write-Off for the receipts.
  • Avg. Write-Off: Lists the average dollar amount of the allowed amounts for the receipts.
  • % Paid of Allowed: Lists the percentage of the Allowed amount which has been paid.
  • % of Paid: Lists the percentage of the total fees which has been paid.
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