Additional Report - Medicaid Encounters

The Medicaid Encounters report calculates the percentage of patient encounters paid for in full or in part by Medicaid out of all encounters in which transactions were paid in full or in part by any payer.

The report can be filtered by Providers, Offices, Procedures, or Office Visit Start and End Date.


The state of Vermont defines a patient encounter as any one day where Medicaid paid for all or part of the service or Medicaid paid the co-pays, cost-sharing, or premiums for the service. The Medicaid Encounters report will include a patient for each instance, occurring on a different day, provided the patient has a plan type set to Medicaid.

A patient encounter will display in the Medicaid group if the patient has an encounter in which Medicaid paid part or all of the charges. Each unique encounter for which Medicaid paid in part or in full will display, provided that the encounters did not occur on the same day.

A patient encounter that does not meet the criteria will appear in the Not Medicaid group.

Both the Not Medicaid and Medicaid groups display the following columns:

  • # of Office Visits: This is the number of Office Visits in which transactions occurred.
  • % of Office Visits: This is the percentage of Office Visits that are either NOT Medicaid or Medicaid encounters.
Click the disclosure triangle on either the NOT Medicaid or Medicaid group to display each patient encounter counted within the group. Each group includes the following columns:
  • Patient #: The patient account number as listed in the Patient ability.
  • Patient Name: The patient name as listed in the Patient ability.
  • Visit Date: The date of the encounter.
  • Office/Provider: The Office ID and the Provider User ID listed on the charge made for the encounter.
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