Accounting/Financial Report - Unapplied Balance

The Unapplied (Credit) Balance report displays information on unapplied payments and negative adjustments.

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  • Select Providers/Select Offices: The Unapplied Balance report can be filtered based on the provider/office listed in the unapplied payment window.
  • Show Ins. and Pat. Unapplied in 2 Columns: If checked, the report will show unapplied insurance and patient payments separately. If unchecked, both types of payments will be shown in one column, labeled Unapplied Payments.
  • Payment Posted Start Date/End Date: You can filter the report to show only unapplied payments posted between selected dates.
After selecting the filters, click the Apply button to see your results.
Unexpanded Results
  • Account # & Primary Last, First: The first two columns on the report show the account number and primary for the account the payment belongs to.
  • Provider Name: The next column on the report lists the name of the provider associated with the unapplied payment.
  • Phone 1 & Phone 2: The Phone 1 and Phone 2 columns display the first two phone numbers listed in the Primary tab of the account.
  • Account Balance: The Account Balance column lists the total balance on the account. You can use this column to determine if there is a balance to apply the unapplied payment to.
  • Unapplied Patient Payments & Unapplied Insurance Payments: The next two columns list the unapplied payments on the account. If Show Ins. and Pat. Unapplied in 2 Columns checkbox is unchecked, there will be only one column labeled Unapplied Payments.
  • Unapplied Neg. Adj.: The Unapplied Neg. Adj. column lists any unapplied negative adjustments on the account.
  • Sub Total: The final column lists the total unapplied credits on the account.
You can click the triangle next to any of the account numbers to display the details of the unapplied credits.

Expanded Results
  • Posted Date: The first column lists the posted date of the unapplied payment or adjustment.
  • Code: The next column lists the type of credit, such as Insurance Payment, Check Payment or Negative Adjustment.
  • Description: The Description column lists different information, depending on the credit type.
    • Insurance Payment: For Insurance Payments, the insurance carrier and check amount will be listed.
    • Patient Payment: For Patient Payments, the payment type and reference or check number will be listed.
    • Negative Adj.: For negative adjustments, the adjustment type will be listed.
  • Unapplied Payment: The Unapplied Payment column lists the amount of any unapplied payments. Insurance payments and patient payments will not be separated in the expanded results.
  • Unapplied Neg. Adj.: The final column lists the amount of any unapplied negative adjustments.
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