RxNorm Codes

RxNorm Codes are a unique identifier assigned to clinical drugs or drug delivery devices in the United States. They are used to identify similar products across different electronic systems.
MacPractice includes a Reference Database of all up to date RxNorm Codes. These codes are accessible from within MacPractice.
If you have ePrescribe purchased, All Medications in the References Ability > Medications (FDB) include a RxNorm code that you can access and verify.
You can look up a Medication's RxNorm code by selecting or searching for the Medication in the References sidebar under Medications (FDB), and then clicking on the "Dose" tab as shown in the screenshot below.


If you do not have ePrescribe purchased, you can still access the RxNorm codes by accessing Medications (Custom), adding a test medication, and then searching for RxNorm codes in the Reference window, as indicated in the screenshot below.


For more information on Medication References, please refer to Rx - Medication References.

If you have Preferences > Coding > Medications set to RxNorm, you can also access RxNorm codes by navigating to the Rx Ability, and searching for a Medication.


Please contact MacPractice Support if you suspect there is a missing RxNorm code. In order to make a change to this information, we will require some documentation of the medication and the RxNorm code that you suspect is missing, and we will investigate further.

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