Dictation - MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate

For more direct information on Dragon Dictate, visit Nuance's website here.

MacPractice DOES NOT support MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate. You must contact the MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate Support Department if issues occur. MacPractice only integrates with this third party software.

MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate Medical is a speech recognition application. This means that you can speak into a microphone and MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate Medical translates your speech to on-screen text.

When you install the MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate software you will be given a detailed installation manual designed by MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate. Since MacPractice Support DOES NOT support this software we highly suggest reviewing the MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate manual for answers to your questions.

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