Dictation - MacSpeech/Dragon Dictate

** Dragon Dictation is not compatible with Mojave or later OS builds. We do not have another third-party application to recommend, though you are welcome to speak with your local sales representative. You may choose to use Apple's Enhanced dictation settings in the OS Preferences. You can also look into nVoq's SayIt app here.

Dragon Dictate Medical is a speech recognition application. You can use this application to transcribe notes spoken into a microphone into on-screen text. This product is created and supported by a third-party and is in no way part of MacPractice.

For more information about Dragon Dictate Medical, visit Nuance's website here.

While Dragon Dictate should function with any text-entry field in MacPractice, we CAN NOT provide any support for Dragon Dictate functionality. Before calling MacPractice, check to see if you can enter text normally using the keyboard. If so, your problem is directly related to Dragon Dictate and you should contact Nuance Software for support. Please see for information on contacting Nuance Support.

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