Exporting Emails to Mac Address Book

Follow the steps below to create a comma-separated file that will be compatible with the Mac Address Book:

  1. Go to Reports, select Marketing from the sidebar, then select Patients. This will bring up a list of all patients in your practice. Use the age range to minimize the amount of patients.
    • NOTE: You can use any other Marketing report that has the Make List button, such as Account Primary, Discounts, Patients by Birthday, Follow-Up, and so on.
  2. Create a list by clicking on the Make List button at the bottom right corner. The List's default name will be based on the Marketing report that was chosen, such as Patients By..., Treatment Plans, and so on.
    • You also can create a List of all Patients by dragging the Patient's node from the sidebar into the List Window. This process is more simple and less time-consuming than running the report. However, the report provides more filtering options.
    • NOTE: To drag patients, you will need to be in the Patients Ability.
  3. Next, navigate to the Window Menu and click "Lists". This will open the List Window. At the top of the list window is a selection pop up menu for the User, as Lists are tied to MacPractice Users. You'll just want to ensure "Current User" is selected here,  as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. Select the List title and click the Export button. A small window will pop up that allows you to select or modify an existing preset or to create a new preset. The default preset should suffice, which will report First, Last, Address, Suite, City, State, Zip, Phone, Carrier, Birthday, Sex, Last Visit and SSN. Select Default from the pop-up menu on the left and select CSV from the pop-up menu on the right. Click Export. A new window will appear asking you to specify the location to which you would like the Export to be saved. The MacPractice Data Folder should be the Default Save location.
  5. Save the file to the Desktop as a .TXT file. If you attempt to save the file as a .CSV, you will encounter an error later. Once the file has been saved as a .TXT, you can then right click that file and select "Rename", then you can adjust the .TXT extension to a .CSV. 
Once you have the renamed file with the .CSVNow, Open the address book and Command-Shift-N keyboard shortcut to create a New Group. Name it Patients or whatever you need. Go to the File menu, select Import, then select the renamed .CSV file to the desktop to import it. Finally, you can select Last Import from the sidebar group list, select all patient names and drag them into the Patients group created earlier. You can use the new group to easily send mass emails to your patients.
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