Insurance Overpayment

In MacPractice, every insurance payment is assigned to a claim, and can only be applied to charges associated with that claim. This document explains how to apply an insurance overpayment to other charges on the patient's ledger.

Before you begin, you should create an "Insurance Overpayment" adjustment type, if you do not have one already. Click here for instructions on creating an adjustment type.

Once you have the Overpayment adjustment type, go to the patient's account, and select the overpayment you wish to apply. The payment should have an unapplied amount, and be displayed in red on the patient's ledger. With the payment selected, go to the Other menu and select Refund.

The Refund window will open.


In order to apply the overpayment remainder of the insurance payment, you will need to check "Refund Credit to Patient". An adjustment drop-down window will appear. Select the Insurance Overpayment adjustment type. Click OK when you are finished.

You will now see two new line items on the ledger:


  • Ins. Credit to Patient
  • Negative Adj.

The description of the Refund line will read "Refund for Patient Credit Overpayment". The description of the negative adjustment will be the adjustment type selected in the refund window.

You can now double-click the negative adjustment and apply the remaining balance to any open charges on the patient account. If the patient does not currently have a balance, you can leave the adjustment unapplied until it is needed.
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