Test Results in MEA segment

This documentation will help you send measurement test results for Hematocrit or Hemoglobin on electronic claims.

Some carriers may require that claims for certain drugs, such as Epogen (J0886) and Epoetin (J0885), that are used to increase levels of Hemoglobin are required to be reported in the 2400 MEA loop on the electronic claim.

This data needs to be manually entered into the electronic claim. Make sure you have made any necessary changes and rebuilt your claim before manually entering data. Rebuilding will erase any manually entered data from the eClaim.

Once you have made any necessary changes and rebuilt the claim, select the ready claim from the eClaims Ability. To enter the test results, drill down the Procedure field and then drill down the appropriate procedure.

There are 3 fields that need to be filled out. Test Results is the value of the test. Measurement Qualifier needs to be set to either Hematocrit or Hemoglobin. Measurement Ref. ID needs to be set to Test Results.

Once you have all of your information entered in you will only need to save the claim and click Send.

This will add the measurement values to the electronic claim.

ANSI Reference: Service Line = 2400 Loop

MEA01 populates TR for "Test Results" from "Measurement Ref ID."

MEA02 populates R1 for "Hemoglobin" and R2 for "Hematocrit" from "Measurement Qualifier."

MEA03 populates the "Test Results" value.

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