FAQ - Searching ICD-9 Instead of ICD-10

I have my coding preferences set to ICD-10, but when I try to add a diagnosis code to a charge or to the problem list in the Clinical ledger, it will only let me search ICD-9 codes. Why is this?

It is likely that the ICD9 Helper is enabled in the diagnosis selection box.

If you uncheck "Enable ICD9 Helper" in the diagnosis selector, you will be presented with a column of ICD-10 category folders to select. You may also manually type the desired ICD-10 diagnosis code into the search bar, near the top.

If you have no intention of using the ICD9 Helper at any point in the future, you can disable it entirely by going to MacPractice Preferences > Coding. If Billing Diagnoses is set to 'ICD-10-CM' a checkbox will be lit up to the right of the preference to Enable ICD9 Helper. Uncheck this to disable it for all future diagnosis code entries.

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