Configuring your iPad to disable Automatic Updates

Our suite of iPad applications are all designed to work with specific builds of MacPractice. Because of how we maintain versions of the iPad app to accommodate for all of our currently released builds of MacPractice, we'll need to ensure that automatic app updates on your iPad devices are turned off.

Without performing this step, your iPad apps may update to a version that is incompatible with your present build of MacPractice and thus be unable to interact with your MacPractice Server's database and retrieve information needed to function.

This article covers how to disable Automatic App Updates. You can also refer to Apple Support's documentation on this topic in this link here.

Disabling Automatic App Updates

First, you'll need to access your iPad settings. Once there, in the left hand navigation pane, look for and tap the "App Store" option.


In here, you'll want to ensure the "Apps" and "App Updates" are both toggled off, as indicated in the screenshot above. This will ensure that your Apps only update when you want them to.

Disabling Automatic iOS Updates

Another source of pain when ensuring your iPad apps can interface properly with your MacPractice Server is the iOS automatically updating. Updating to the latest iOS can potentially cause issues when we are not prepared. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you disable automatic updates to maintain maximum control of your devices.

To disable automatic iOS updates, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings > General > Software Update > Customize Automatic Updates. 
  2. Under Automatic Updates, make sure that "Install iOS Updates" is toggled Off.


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