Additional Report - MACRA Exclusion

This report was created to assist clinicians in calculating their total Medicare billing in order to determine if they are excluded from the need to meet Medicare's Quality Payment Program, MACRA.

It can be filtered by Provider and Office. The report will default to CMS' 12 month time frame from which they will evaluate an Eligible Clinician's (EC) Medicare billing. It will be sorted out by provider and will total both the unique patients as well as the charges and their allowed amounts. 


An EC is excluded from participating in MACRA if they bill under 200 unique patients to Medicare OR if their total allowed amounts of charges billed to Medicare is under $90,000. For example, an EC who billed $46,500 in charges to Medicare but only did so for 160 unique Medicare patients would not have to report MACRA. Similarly, an EC who saw 463 Medicare patients, but whose total billing only amounted to $86,800 would also be excluded from MACRA. 


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