What are Provider Level Adjustments?

A Provider Level Adjustment is an option in MacPractice when addressing Insurance Payments where you can credit some or all of an insurance payment to a specific Provider. This is useful in situations where the Insurance may overpay due to being late in remitting payment, or other similar reasons. In this situation, you wouldn't want to credit the patient the additional insurance funds, as it is a payment intended to go to the provider.

By default, Provider Level Adjustments are not available unless you enable them. To enable them, navigate to the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Ledger > Payment > Insurance Payment > Enable Provider Adjustment Ability in Insurance Payment Window.


Once this option is checked, when you are posting an Insurance Payment and enter in the payment amount, there will be a new checkbox labeled "Make Provider Adjustments". If you check this option, then new lines will appear as options to apply the payment to with the procedure code "Ins. Credit To Provider". You can then apply the Insurance Payment to those providers.


Once the payment is saved and applied, an additional line will be posted to the ledger describing the Provider Credit from an Insurance Overpayment.


All Provider Level Adjustments are reported in the Provider Adjustments Report, accessible from the Reports Ability > Accounting/Financial category.


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