Predetermination Report - All Predeterminations

The All Predeterminations Report is a new report that was added in MacPractice Build 7.3.22 that displays all Predeterminations in the MacPractice database. This report is similar to the Outstanding Predeterminations report, but has the capacity to search for all predeterminations.


  • Filter Providers: Filters results by the Patient Provider associated to the Predetermination.
  • Filter Offices: Filters the results by the Office Provider tied to the Predetermination.
  • Filter Insurances: Filters the results by the Insurance Company the predetermination was submitted to.
  • Filter Claim Statuses: Filters by the status of the Predetermination. 
  • Date Range Selector: Allows you to set the date range to pull either the Claim (Predetermination) Creation Date of the claim, or the Dates of Service of any charges on the claim.
  • Start Date/End Date: Allows you to set the desired date range. If both are blank, the report will pull all Predeterminations unless filtered out by other filters.
  • Claims to Include: This menu filters the report by Paper, Electronic, or Both types of predeterminations.
  • Plan Type: Filters the report by Plan Type.
  • Threshold Claim Type: This menu filters the report by Warning Claims, Past Timely Filing, Warning and Past Timely Filing, or All Types of Threshold Claim Types.
  • Patient #: The Patient's Account Number for the patient on the predetermination.
  • Patient Last, First: The Last and First name of the patient on the predetermination.
  • Birthday: The Patient's Birth Date. 
  • Subscriber: The Patient's Insurance Subscriber Number, set in Patients > Primary > Insurance.
  • Pr/Of: The User ID and Office ID of the Provider and the Office, respectively. The User ID and Office ID can be found for a User and Office in the Users Reference and the Offices Reference.
  • Insurance Company: The Insurance Company the predetermination was filed to.
  • Plan Type: The Plan Type set in the Insurance Company's Reference under the Claims Tab.
  • Total Amount: The total of the procedure fees on the predetermination.
  • Date Updated: The latest date that the predetermination had been updated.
  • First Procedure Date: The first procedure date listed on a charge on the predetermination.
  • Days Past Claim Created: How many days have elapsed since the predetermination had been created.
  • Days Until Overdue: Lists how many days until the predetermination will be considered overdue based on the Timely Filing Limit. This field doesn't have any impact on predeterminations.
  • Type: Displays whether the predetermination is a paper submission or an electronic submission. 
  • Claim Status: Lists the Status of the Predetermination.
  • Timely Filing Limit: The timely filing limit associated to the claim based on the Insurance Reference. This has no bearing on predeterminations.
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