MacPractice iPad Apps Compatibility List

This chart details out what apps versions are compatible with which MacPractice builds. Check the MacPractice build number on the left column, and the compatible app version link will be on that row.

If an office is running 5.0 or below, MacPractice no longer has access to those apps since Apple has removed all apps that are using 32-bit architecture. The office will have to update to the newest build of MacPractice to have apps available.

MacPractice Build iEHR  Clipboard Check-In iOS Version
 6.1.42  6.1 iEHR App 6.1 Clipboard App

6.1 Check-In App

 iOS 7.1 - 9
 7.3.51-0  7.3 iEHR App 7.3 Clipboard App 7.3 Check-In App iOS 9 - iOS 10 
10.7.x 10.7 iEHR App 10.7 Clipboard App 10.7 Check-In App  iOS 10 and above
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