References - Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts is a new Reference node that is introduced alongside the Accounting Ability in Gen 9. 

The Bank Accounts Reference allows you to add, remove, and manage multiple Bank Accounts for your practice.

By default, any information that was present in Preferences > Financial > Banking Deposit Account # in Build 7.3 and earlier of MacPractice will appear as a Bank Accounts Reference by default.


You can set the Name and Account # of each Bank Account. Any added Bank Accounts References will be present as options when posting insurance or patient payments in a ledger. 


All payments associated with a Deposit Account will be listed in a new column in the Trace Payment Manager.

The Posted/Procedure Date Day Sheets will use the Deposit Account and Allocation Accounts information when viewing the Deposit Slip. The Deposit Account and Allocation Account can be set in Preferences > Financial > Banking.

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