Attachments - Account Prefix Import

This article describes the Account Prefix Import feature. If you are interested in adding these features to your license, please contact MacPractice Support.

Account Prefix Import
Account Prefix File import is an additional purchased feature in the Attachments ability. Account Prefix Image import is used to attach files directly to a patient using the account number as a prefix to specify the patient to which the file should be attached.

Account Prefix Image Import can be done with entire folders of a patient's files using a Patient ID# Folder, or with files or folders where each file has a Unique Prefixed File name.

How to set up a Patient ID# Folder
First, in the macOS Finder, create a folder with the patient's ID number and name in the following format:

By placing files inside this folderwill allow the import of multiple files directly to the patient's account in MacPractice. An example for a Patient ID# Folder name would be "x-x.FirstLast", where x-x is the patient number and FirstLast is the patient's First and Last name.

Add each of the patient's files to the Patient ID# Folder. Next, drag the Patient ID# Folder to the Import Folder.

Once all files are imported to MacPractice, the files will display in the Patient Attachments node in MacPractice.

Unique Prefixed Files

To import multiple files for different patients, name the files with the patient's ID prefix number and a unique file identifier. An example formula for Unique Prefixed Files would be x-x.FirstLast.y, where "x-x" is the patient number, "FirstLast" is the patient's name, and y is the unique file identifier. The unique file identifier ensures that each of a patient's files have a unique name.

Rename the files and drag the files, one at a time or in bulk, to the Import Folder.

When the patient ID number is used as a prefix to the file name, all files will be associated to that patient number. The unique file identifier ensures that each of a patient's files have a unique name and no files will be overwritten.

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