Restorative Charting 2 - Incident Table


The Charting Tab is composed of three sections, the Incident Table, the Chart, and the Clinical Note Table. The sidebar can be hidden in this tab to make more room for the Chart and to hide all other patients from the display.

The Incident Table is the timeline of work with the patient. The Patient Chart should be selected to chart work that was completed outside of the office. By default, all of this work will be outlined in blue.

The Incident Table is composed of blue folders to separate work completed within the office. There are two ways to correctly use Incidents, per visit, and per problem. A new Incident can be made within the dropdown at the top of the Incident Table. Name the Incident and use the Edit menu to save or the keyboard shortcut, Command S.

Each Incident is composed of Completed Procedures and future Treatment Plans. Click the Completed Procedures to chart work that was completed in the office during the Incident. Work that is charted as a Completed Procedure will be outlined in green by default.

The Incident is also composed of a New Treatment Plan. This will contain future plans for the patient. Alternative treatment plans can be added by using the Incident menu at the top. Planned will will be outlined in red on the charting display be default and will only be visible when the treatment plan is selected.

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