Patients Ability - Clinical Tab (For pre-Gen 9)

The Clinical Tab contains a comprehensive list of all information that has been entered for a chosen patient on an account, as well as fields to add in clinical information for the patient. The Clinical Tab of the Patient Ability is split into the Clinical Summary in the top half, and a variety of sections listed on the bottom half.


Clinical Summary
The Clinical Summary contains all information that has been added to the patient's chart. This includes Procedures and planned Treatments, prescriptions on the patient's Active Med List, Notes, Attachments, Digital Radiography images, Perio records, labs, orders, referrals, and much more. Each section of information contains links to each item. You can simply click on a link to bring you to that item in the relevant ability. 

Incident Drop Down Menu: This drop down, located in the upper left of the Clinical Summary view, allows you to filter the results by Incident. This will also allow you to choose an Incident to export via the Export Incident option in the upper right.
History Drop Down Menu: This option, set to All History by default, allows you to filter items by their posted date. You can choose from Last Month, Last Three Months, Last Six Months, Last Year, and Last Two Years. You can also use the Start Date: and End Date: fields to filter to a particular date range.
Export Incident: This option allows you to export the currently selected Incident. This is largely built for exporting to the Patient Portal, but if you do not have this ability purchased, you can also choose to print the incident's Clinical Summary. You can choose to print for a patient, or for a Referral marked 'Transition To'.

Exporting will upload a copy of the Clinical Summary to the Patient Portal. You can choose to print a copy or not, and in the sidebar of the export box, you can choose which information is included.
For more information on exporting an incident, please refer to Portal - Export to Patient.

Clinical Tab Sections

A list of the sections in the Clinical Tab are included below. Click on the link to take you to that section's article with detailed information.

Problem ListThe Problem List is a record of all diagnoses for a patient.
AllergyThis section contains all allergy information for the patient.
ImmunizationsThe Immunizations tab is a record of a patient's Immunization information.
This section allows you to add and maintain Vitals records for the patient.
This section allows you to add and maintain information about the patient's smoking status.
Patient Education:
This section allows you to track educational information that has been given to the patient.
Preventive Care:
This section helps track routine preventive procedures performed at a different practice.
The Goals tab displays the patient's clinical goals and instructions.
Care Team:
This section contains Care Team information for the patient. This is largely intended for internal purposes, as it allows you to mark particular MacPractice Users that are responsible for the patient's care.
Family History:
This section will allow you to maintain a log of the past or present issues in a patient's family which could contribute to the patient's health in the future.


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