Report Filter Defaults

The Report Filter Defaults, located in the Reports Ability under the Management section of the Sidebar, contains all of the filters that are used by any Report.


This node controls how filters are configured when you first select a Report. If you find yourself using a particular filter setting more frequently, you can adjust the filters in here to save time when you next open up a report.

For example: Let's say the majority of the time when running Reports, you want to run them for a particular set of Providers.
First, you'd find the "Filter Providers" filter in Report Filter Defaults, and then select the Providers you wish to have selected by default.
Then, whenever opening a Report with the option to Filter Providers, those Providers would be pre-selected.


If you had already opened a Report prior to adjusting Defaults, you will need to refresh the Report for the filter to update the first time you re-access that Report.

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